Thursday, October 18, 2012

Been Busy!

I have been keeping busy around the house with lots of sewing during the day! I have been working hard on the quilt a long I am participating in and am proud to say I finished the last block today!

Want a peek:

 I started today on a coin purse for a blog hop that I am participating in as well. I had my doubts... not about the coin purse but about my ability to actually do it! lol So far though, so good! I only have the last part of it to do which is the hardest looking to me, so wish me luck!

Other than sewing I have been struggling to get used to some new medication. It has been wreaking havoc with my IBS and I have been feeling pretty awful and kinda blah. Certainly did not have the oomph to come and blog :( Hopefully I am getting used to it as it has not been too bad the last day or so.

I can not belive that tomorrow is Friday already! TGIF! The girls have tomorrow off of school for a teacher planning day so we have a nice long weekend. Not quite sure if we are going to do anything or maybe just relax and do some things around the house! We shall see. What have you been up to?


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