Friday, October 19, 2012

Sew Materialistic!

Yep, that is me, sew materialistic! I absolutely love, LOVE, love fabric. There are a few things that grab my attention and make my wanna buy it. The first and foremost is always colors. Patterns play a big second role. I recently got a bunch of fabric in the mail I ordered from Etsy and I am totally and completely in love with it. *happy sigh*

Take a look at my goodies:

this is Heirloom by Joel Dewberry in the Sapphire colorway

this is The Birds and The Bees by Tula Pink in the Sunset colorway

and this last one is The Birds and The Bees by Tula Pink in the Forest colorway

I am always a sucker for blue and green! I have absolutely no idea what I am going to do with these beauties but I have a feeling I will not be able to cut them for awhile lol. Any ideas, suggestions? What have you been up to lately? Any new projects?



  1. Looks like a nice stash you got there. I like the blues and greens the best. Have fun with all of those

  2. I'm in love with blue & greens too these days. They all look great!


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