Thursday, November 1, 2012

30 days of gratitude - Day 1

If you are new to my blog, I started doing this two years ago and would love to continue the process. I have decided this year to turn my thoughts into a small scrapbook, and one for each of the kids and my husband as well. Since I do digital scrapbooking it is super easy to convert the pages I do. All I do is make one page for the thought(s) and then swap out the text for each person. We will all end up with books that look the same but are personalized to each of us. I do layouts like this monthly for each family member with their favorites as well. If you ever want to see examples or know more about digital scrapbooking please let me know! 

This above image will be the cove page for each of our albums. 

Now, on to the gratitude. I really think it is important to be thankful for what you have. Too many days I pass a homeless person on the street, I see a child who has been abused, I see family members sad and alone... I try to always remember to be grateful for what I have whether it is the BIG things in life or the simple pleasures. I also try to instill this in my children. I am not overly religious or anything so this does not come from a God like way of life... it is just trying to appreciate what I have and I want my kids to be able to do the same. Never ever take anything for granted because it can be ripped away from you in the blink of an eye. 

Today I am grateful for the friends I have met online. I am a very shy person in face to face situations. I am very anxiety ridden and full of self doubt and sometimes hate which color my interactions with other people. I can however feel less self conscious and truly be myself online and I love that I have been able to form relationships this way that I never would have been able to in any other way. Thank you to all my online friends, your friendship means more to me than I could ever express to you.



  1. Oh I LOVE that idea Tanyia!!! I can never keep something like that up so I admire you for doing it :) Hugs!! ♥

  2. ((HUGS)) and love back to ya! Great post and I love the way you are scrapping one page and exchanging the journaling ~ smart cookie you are!

  3. This is a really great idea but I'm like Petra I can never keep it going. Blogging has been a great way to meet new friends without having to deal with the tension of face to face interaction.


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