Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday WIP's

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced 

Well.. this has not been the most productive of weeks, sewing wise. After that crochet class I kinda got side tracked! lol You know how it is when you are learning a new craft or a new skill in a craft you love. You get tunnel vision... or rather I do, I do not know if you do, but I hope you know what I mean! 

I have made NO progress on this, but there is a deadline for the QAL so I will be piecing it this week I think! 

I have done a few more of the wavy lines of stitching on this, there are three per row... but I have not gotten much more done :( 

This...still exactly the same as last week lol. Also, a deadline here though, so I will be finishing these up soon, maybe today! 

oh geez... this is my lap quilt, toddler quilt and table runner ... STILL waiting to be quilted sheesh, I really need to finish up Christmas stuff :( 

a pile of cut scraps lol... I did actually do something this week! Wow! lol This is the remains of my cutting fabric for the candy swap. I literally spent all day cutting 250 2.5" squares lol.

Last but not least, I started one more scarf in the exact colors I showed you on Monday. This is actually gonna be a cowl and it will be for dd's Etsy store, she fell in love with those colors :)

and now I am exhausted just looking at all that stuff, my goodness! I need to get going on my Christmas projects, especially since a few of them need mailing time overseas! Wish me luck! Hopefully next week's check in will  be far more productive! lol 

I love this WIP hop btw and can not wait to see what everyone else has been up to. It is a great way for me to meet more sewing bloggers! What have you been working on? Link up and I will stop by and check it out! 



  1. Hi there, greetings from Ireland ! just found you through the RTF hop ! I am a crocheter who is doing a sewing class !! Hope you can pop by & say hi sometime !! x

    Siubhan (your latest follower!)

  2. Your QAL blocks are so pretty! I thought I'd do that one too but decided I'd better stay focused on other projects. Next time...

  3. Love the QAL blocks. Great fabrics.

  4. I just love the colourful scrappy log cabin blocks. So fun!

  5. Love your scrappy rainbow quilt!

  6. I like the WIP posts too. It pushes me along. Looks like you've got some great projects that are near the end. CHECK!

  7. I like that top fabric in your tablerunner/cot quilt/lap quilt pic! What is it?
    Good job on learning to crochet! It's not so bad. Youtube is a great help if you get stuck anytime! & I love all your squares! Pretty range of colours there.

  8. Definitely know what you mean about new craft tunnel vision! Happens to me all the time. The rainbow log cabin blocks look wonderful.

  9. Nice to learn new stuff, no matter what craft! And I love(!) your colorful little blocks!

  10. your stack projects yet to be completed is almost as big as

  11. I feel for you so much on those 2.5 squares! Eek! I love my accuquilt for stuff like that though!

  12. I love your little colorful log cabin blocks.
    Nancy at joy for grace

  13. Your QAL log cabin blocks are gorgeous. That's going to be one stunning quilt!
    And that's a LOT of small blocks to be cutting. Wow. I can imagine it would take a good chunk of time!

  14. You've got a lot goin on there! All beautiful!


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