Thursday, June 6, 2013

Heath Bar Cake

I am sure you have all seen this recipe all over and maybe even tried it, but I am going to share it again because well... it is amazing! It is sometimes referred to as Better Than Sex cake...but I have never had cake better than sex honestly... and maybe if this is better than sex you should be working on something other than your baking... so yea, moving on!

My dh loves it because toffee is one of his all time favorites so he is a huge Heath bar lover. Heath, Skor, whatever you can find really!

Sorry, not the best pic but it was snapped with my cell phone because, well... looking at this cake and making everyone wait for me to find my big camera, ain't NOBODY got time fo that!

So, no precise recipe needed, you  bake a German Chocolate Cake mix according to the packages directions. Let the cake cool about 10 minutes when it is done, then poke holes all over with... well whatever you want, a wooden spoon handle works well. Then you pour over top a can of sweetened condensed milk and a container of caramel ice cream topping, I reserved a little of the caramel for on top as well. Let the cake set in the fridge for a couple hours to get nice and yummy and soaked!

Then I used homemade whipped cream as it beats Cool Whip anyday! I mixed on high a quart of heavy cream with 1/4c sugar til it became whipped cream (yes, it really is that easy). Once the cake is cool and set put the whipped cream on top and crushed up Heath bars, I used 5 of them... I would have used 6 but ... well, I ate one, so there lol. Then I drizzled the rest of the caramel all over and we pretty much ate it all immediately!

Then after we ate our piece... we all had a second and then it was gone, the end! Ohhh so good!

Have you tried this cake yet? Have you tried any of the candy bar variations of it? What did you think?


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