Friday, June 7, 2013

Keep Calm and Stitch On

I have not cross stitched in ages, but my friend, Cornelia of  Pieced with Love, started this adorable little sampler and so the bug bit me! I was so glad to see a modern world of cross stitching! I found all sorts of modern patterns and things I would just love to do, so now I will be stitching all the time, when I sit and watch tv or have a long car ride etc. It definitely won't take over but I can include it in my crafty DDD!

Here is my finished piece:

I really love the way it turned out, and I was so surprised when I went shopping for supplies to see they sold fabrics in beautiful colors now for cross stitching too! Seriously, amazing! It inspires me even more! I already have another project under way, this second one will take a bit more time though.

I wanted to show you the shop I shopped with, I love the patterns sold there, and please understand I am in no way affiliated or being reimbursed by them, just a happy customer! The store is called Andwabisabi , what a cute name, right? Here are a couple other patterns they have that I have pinned and have my eye on for buying soon! If you would like to check out or follow my pinboard it is HERE!

The first one is the one that I used, I just used my own colors.

Seriously adorable, right?!!! Have you done any stitching lately? What have you been working on! I can not wait til the other one is done to share with you, but it will be awhile lol.

Happy Friday, by the way, have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. I love nerds I cannot lie!!! ROFL

    I have being feeling an urge to CS,but haven't tried my hand at it yet. I did do one Japanese pattern once about 9 years ago!

    I love the frame for your CS finish and the CS itself very much.

    1. thanks so much Sara, I sent you an email so I am sure you got my reply already :)

  2. I haven't done CS in ages, but that sure is cute!!! The frame is just perfect. Love it.

  3. I haven't done CS in ages, but that sure is cute!!! The frame is just perfect. Love it.

    1. ty so much! I really had fun doing it and forgot how nice it can be while you are sitting around with the kids or hubby while they watch tv.


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