Thursday, June 13, 2013

Modern Mini Quilt Challenge Entry


I was pretty excited to hear this was coming up since I was in the process of doing my first ever Dresdens and the point of this challenge is to try something new, so this was perfect for me!

I am totally in love with Dresdens and right after finishing it I started up another Dresden project! It is so perfect... love love love them! <3 I also want to give a more modern Dresden a go. The blocks I have seen and pinned are just amazing. So inspirational!

Anyway here is mine and a peek at my progress as I went. I took pics all the time of course, since
it was new and exiting to me! lol The first three below were taken late at night so the lighting and colors were a bit off. The last one is definitely more true :) I just love those colors!

and here she is all finished! I am going to hang it on a smaller wall at the inset to where our bathroom door is.

I am perfectly happy with my first go at Dresdens, wish me luck the next time around, I am working on a table runner for my dining room.

Are you playing along in the challenge? Link me up if you are I would love to see your entry!


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  1. Lovely dresden! Good luck on your next one, but I don't think you need it, this one turned out perfect.

  2. Very cool! I love the sunburst quilting. It is pretty much exactly what I'm planning on doing with Dizzy Dresdens ( and it is nice to see it so successful! Good luck in the challenge!

  3. Beautiful colors and I love the layered dresdens. Cool binding, too!

  4. Great job Tanyia! The quilting fits perfectly.


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