Friday, July 19, 2013

Sew Red!

I was so excited to win this give a way at the end of June over at Quilt Taffy! They were giving away a copy of Sew Red, the gorgeous sewing book filled with beautiful red projects! First of all, as modern as I am, I am so in love with the traditional look of red and white together, but on top of that there is an amazing Tula Pink pattern in there, and I LoVe lOvE Tula Pink! Also, right, its for a good cause... there is that, too! :)

There really are a lot of adorable projects in here, I love the red origami pillow, it is awesome! I might actually have to try making that one...I still have yet to make a pillow lol. Oh... and...

TULA PINK SIGNED MY BOOOK!!!!!!!!  I actually did a little yell and Squeed out loud! I so did, like a ridiculous little fan girl! I mean ... yes, three people signed my book! But...TULA PINK signed my book... in PINK!!!! lol awesome sauce! <3 

Thank you so much Corrie of Quilt Taffy, you totally made my day!



  1. totally understand your excitement, I had never a book signed from anyone lol, cant wait to see you sewing something from it

  2. Lucky you! I want to win a give away!!! :)

  3. Really cool! I am with Cornelia I can't wait to see you make something from the book.


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