Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WIP Wednesday - July 24th Edition

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced 

Seriously... JULY 24TH??? Where on earth has the summer gone. I really feel like time is flying by so fast right now that I am having trouble catching up! There are so many things I have wanted to do this summer and have not gotten around to doing. I have about three weeks left before my babies go back to school!! Babies... *giggle* My eldest is starting college (2 yrs late), my middle is starting high school, and my baby is in 7th grade! I feel old sometimes but I am not even 40 for goodness sake!

Wow...well I digress! Its all about progress today! I did make a good amount of progress this week, mainly because though my back healed I was hit with a horrible ear infection that left me in a lot of pain and a bad sewing was my escape while the kids generally trashed the house, ate all the good food, and played video games lol.

I still can not share what I did yet, til the Ho Ho Ho blog hop, my date is Aug 6th. But, again, this fabric and I are DONE! :) I finished my project and can not wait to share it, I love it!

These are my fabrics cut and ready for next week for the Star Surround QAL at Happy Quilting. It is still not too late to join if you are interested! I will be working with Carnaby Street and a navy background. I bet it is going to be lovely. Also, this will be donated for the 100 quilts for kids drive currently going on at Swim Bike Quilt .

I think I also finally got the hang of getting my triangles to meet up right at the top and bottom... this is before I got it right, though it was almost there. So now I have 5 of the 11 rows put together so far and this will also be donated for the 100 quilts for kids drive. I think it will be a lovely little baby quilt when I am one and a great small project for me to try out triangles on!

That's it for this week! What have you been up to? I can not wait to hop around and see. As always I will leave my link to my post in my comments on your blogs. That does NOT mean I do not read every post I comment on and that my comments before the link are not sincere. It just seems to me that it is one of the few ways that I can actually get people hopping back and get to know them and their quilting a little more :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday! We are staying home and relaxing today, whew!



  1. I know what you mean about Summer just flying by! I live in Montreal so the Summer days are very dear to me... :-). Love the fabric you chose for the Star Surround. I have to get mine cut up this week too.

  2. Both your fabric collections are beautiful! Love the navy and really, now I can't wait to see your Ho Ho Ho project.

  3. These look like a lot of fun. I love the look of triangles I just haven't had the time to try it yet. I'm sure they can be pretty pesky but worth it in the end.

  4. Hi Tanyia thanks for stopping by my blog:) I know the feeling of agedness as well, my youngest is off to college next month and i am not 40 yet either. Mothering ages you early I believe. Lucky quilting can uplift our aged souls ;)

  5. Returning the visit! So glad too. Can't wait to see what you did with the Christmas fabric. I too will be trying out triangles soon too!

  6. Great choice in fabrics! The triangles are simply awesome! Kate

  7. Looking forward to seeing your Xmas project, they are lovely fabrics.

  8. You have some great projects in the works! Can't wait to see your Christmas project, I love that fabric! And your triangles look fantastic.

  9. Ooh. I cannot WAIT to see the carnaby street project. I do love that line.


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