Tuesday, August 13, 2013

You show me yours, I’ll show you mine!

It sounds so much naughtier than it really is! Sarah, of Sarah Quilts, is challenging us to join in on the linky party and share your fabric stash. Yuh huh... the whole thing! lol Now I have to admit I do not necessarily have the biggest stash, but I love every piece I do have. Also, after looking through the hop and seeing how some other people have their...I have learned I am horribly messy and really need a better organizing system for my fabric! lol

But, keeping it real, here is what I have! (Hopefully, if this happens again in the future, it will be neater and prettier to share lol)

the purple bucket on the top shelf is full of scraps mostly small, but all that I am not willing to get rid of lol. I do actually pull from it quite often as well. 

Some random fabric, some FQs and a few yard cuts.

My favorite FQ bundles, all packaged up together so they do not get mixed up. They are always a great jumping off point on a new project for me.

A few more FQ bundles and some yard cuts.

A bag of special scraps is on the right ad my selvedge edges on the left.

All the jeans we out grow and get rid of. All cut up and ready to use for something special in the future. I am pretty sure I want to make myself a quilt out of them since it is stuff my girls outgrew and they hold a special place in my heart :)

Last but not least what is left of my batting stash lol. There is one more queen sized package on the bottom as well. I bought a bunch when JoAnns had them for 20 bucks for a queen sized package during the Memorial Day Sale!

and.... that's my stash! Now I need to come up with a pretty and organized way to keep them because this is awful! lol



  1. Oooh, I like the idea of just keeping "favorites" together as a starting place. I'm definitely going to consider doing that...

    Thanks so very much for sharing! I've never had more fun.

  2. Girl, you own that mess! I'm pretty haphazard myself and proud of it! I don't live or work in a magazine and don't force myself to because I "should". Keep it exactly how you want it. All over the place, perfectly organized by color, pattern and designer on shaped cards, or in the backseat of your car. Doesn't matter, it's your workflow. :)

  3. Love your stash, however you organize it! I could make a lot of nice quilts with your stash!

  4. I've seen a few posts on this linky party and am so happy to see some realistic photos. Some of the neatly-folded sorted by color stashes made me feel very unworthy. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Your organization looks better than mine. I mean mine is sorta there but then I get lazy and just stuff it in a bin. ;o(
    I'm like you I have a basket of scraps and I just can't get rid of them.
    Hi My name is Carla and I'm a fabric-o-holic. LOL


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