Friday, January 31, 2014

Meyer Lemon Jelly!

This time of year in Florida is the prime citrus season! Oh how the citrus loves the cool weather... not cold, but cool! Supposedly if you pick em off the tree when its cold they will be even sweeter. Again, cold to us being about 50 to 60 lol.

Anyhow, last summer I made lemonade concentrate and wanted to do the same this year but knew I would need to do a lot for summer as that stuff goes hella quick in this house! I ended up buying 2 bushels of lemons from a lady who owned lemon trees and sell her citrus. I got two bushels for 40 bucks! Great price, too! And yes... I hand squeezed them all with my little squeezer.

When I was online looking for the recipe I used last year I came across a recipe at Food In Jars for Meyer lemon jelly! I thought... well, that could either be fan flippin tastic or really gross... so obviously I needed to try it lol. And I had about 2 to 3 gallons of fresh squeezed juice so a few batches would be nothing :)

I broke out my new favorite Christmas present ... my automatic jam and jelly maker from Ball! LOVE IT! I wish it did bigger batches but I can roll with it! I did a test batch, especially with a new recipe and a new machine and it turned out amazing. Like... A MAZING! So, I ended up making 12 half pints. I gave a few away and am left with this awesomeness!

If you know how to can, it is so simple... 2 1/2 c of fresh Meyer lemon juice, 2 cups sugar, and one package of pectin. The water bath is 10 minutes.

All of the recipe info and more ways to preserve Meyer lemons can be found at Food In Jars HERE. The recipe is printed at the very end of the post.

Now, I'm off to eat toast with Lemon Jelly! Maybe all that Vitamin C will fix this darn cold. It is a bit better this morning, thankfully!



  1. OMG I love lemon jelly. I bet it's delish! Enjoy!!!

  2. That looks yummy! the new look over here:) Sorry I havent been in a while!

  3. Meyer lemons are THE BEST! I am jealous...


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