Saturday, February 1, 2014

Where I found inspiration, this week!

I am super blessed to be on some amazing creative teams. For those of you that are not scrapbookers, that means I work for a scrapbook designer, I get their kit for free in exchange for doing a layout for them that they can use for advertisement and selling their kit. I am on all my dream teams now...except two! I will keep on trucking there lol.

Anyway, this week I got to work with a stunning kit, take a look:

I was looking for some inspiration, a jumping off point of sorts because I love those patterned papers so much and wanted to really showcase them in a lovely way. I came across this image and wanted to do something to resemble the water drops and then a title for the page came to me, Shower me with Love! Aha!

Then I fiddled around in Photoshop and came up with some I love looking at and am proud of!

*sigh* It makes me happy to look at!

Have a wonderful happy Saturday and may you be showered with love today as well :)


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  1. a question: how did you get the perfect teardrop shapes in all the different sizes? (I'm such a neophyte scrapbooker that I haven't a clue about most of anything.)


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