Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Project Life - My Way! week 4

This week has been off to a crazy busy start! I was out almost all day yesterday and in a few minutes I am off for errands, taxi service and then back home for maid service... the many hats I wear! lol Of course I put them off for so long so I can sew and scrapbook, but once in awhile I need to a responsible adult, dammit! *pout*

So I am just popping in to share week 4 of my Projecl Life. So far so good. I have kept up with a photo a day all Jan and my layouts are current! Now, if only I can keep it up! I am gonna look at one week at a time otherwise I am going to be overwhelmed with the whole year!

the double page spread:

and each side a little closer:

...and that was the last week in this household! :) So far this week has a lot of boring pics lol but that is ok because not everyday is a thrill ride in life!

Have a wonderful day and hopefully I will have time to sit down tomorrow and enjoy the WIP hop!


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  1. I really like your Project Life project!!! Is there a way to make the pics bigger? I tried clicking the pics and they came up a little bigger but it's still hard to read what you wrote. I'm not too great with the computer and I bet it's a simple fix! Thanks for sharing your life with us!
    array-dawn at cox dot net


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