Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Meet Jay

My daughter's 13th Birthday is coming up and she really wanted a kitty. We already have 3 of them, but thankfully we have a big house and have room for just one more ;) It took a bit of convincing for daddy to agree. Originally she was told she could only get one when her oldest sister moved out (she is now in college and apparently not going anywhere anytime soon! lol)

So we surprised her for an early birthday present and took her to the shelter to adopt a kitty of her own. This is Jay, he was in his box on the way home in this one.

He is such a cutie! His name at the shelter was Running Bear. Teehee! But she just looked at him and said the name Jay came to her and she felt like that should be his name. She was so happy she almost cried which of course almost made me cry. I love this child so much and making her so happy does my heart good.

He is 2 years old. This is the first time we got a cat that was not a baby so we were a bit surprised at how chill he was coming in to a home with 3 cats... and a dog. They all hate him lol. At least for now. Our oldest cat hissed and almost barked at him, it was the weirdest sound. He just looked at her and walked away. lol It was awesome. Our white kitty was just afraid and hid for a day. My baby, Tesla just growled and got low and they just stared each other down. No more growling now though, we are on day 4. Every once in awhile the oldest will still hiss, but they are getting used to each other and Jay is even getting used to the dog a bit more.

This last picture is awful, but it was taken at night in her dark room and I had to adjust it to see it, in Photoshop. This is how they slept. It was so precious that I may or may not have gotten teary eyed again. My middle daughter shares a room with her and she snapped pics on her iPhone while they were sleeping. She even took a video. Jay had his paw in Becca's hand and was kneading it in his sleep. Now that is what I call love.

I think Jay will be very happy here.  <3



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