Saturday, August 9, 2014

Almost time!

I know, previously I said I was so over summer and ready for the girls to go back to school... but, can I take it back? Now they go back the day after tomorrow! Already! I will be back to getting up at 5am. I have to tell you 5am is a hateful time of day! I mean, yes fine 6am is early but ya know, you can deal with it. 5am? 5am is just close enough to not being a normal time to wake up that is just kills me. ugh! Whatever, I am a mom and I will deal with it, that is after all what we do isn't it?

We have had some fun times this summer, though!

We had Caroline the cockatiel for the summer, thanks to the high school pet club.

We got a new kitty, for my youngest's birthday.

 Said youngest daughter turned 13! 

We went to the beach a lot.


Took too many selfies!

Spent a weekend in West Palm.

Taught my middle child to cross stitch!

Went on long walks, even though it was a million degrees!

Saw some epic concerts!

Yea, it was a great summer I have to admit. <3 Now here we go, back to the grind! But I feel refreshed and ready. I can totally do this. 5am, here I come!!!



  1. I am like you: I can handle 6 am but I think any time that starts with a 5 is still night, not morning.

  2. It's that time again. Just did clothes shopping last weekend.


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