Friday, August 8, 2014

QSnT: Coming Soon!

Just a quick reminder ... ok more of a tease... Quilt Show 'n' Tell will be starting in two weeks! In case you missed my previous post:

my dear friend Cornelia (of Pieced With Love xoxo) and I are going to be co-hosting a new blog series called, "Quilt Show 'n' Tell" where we share with you some of our favorites that we find through social networking. Whether it be on Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram, FB, or blogging. We want to show off the beauty and inspiration that is out there from other quilters just like us. People doing what we do because we enjoy it!

Basically it will be one day a week dedicated to eye candy from our favorite hobby! Cornelia will share with you her top 6 finds and I will share with you my top 6 as well. It will be fun and interesting to see and compare what we pick! We are great friends and yet can have very different tastes, so having more than one perspective in the post should be fun as well!

So, see you on Aug 22nd with our first ever Quilt Show 'n' Tell!



  1. I can't wait! I love Show and Tell! :-)

  2. Some of my closest sewing friends have poles-apart taste. In one case, if she likes it, I am guaranteed not to! This should be fun.


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