Tuesday, August 5, 2014

QDAD - Aug 5th

I am sure by now you have heard of the Quilt Design a Day group? If not there are some fun interviews over on the Sew Mama Sew blog from last month. Also if you want to read from Anne why she started it just check out this post on her blog. If you want to join there is a FB group where we all share things here.

So basically, the concept is just a little something every day to keep your creative juices flowing. Every day, Design Seeds puts out two color palettes along with the photo the colors come from. We take the color palettes and photo and use those as inspiration to design a quilt.

I do not play along every day and some days I hate what I make lol. BUT... I keep trying because things pop up that I like a lot as well! So I will dedicate Tuesdays to share a few of the ones I like. Who knows, maybe something will turn into a pattern or a quilt block that I can share as well. I just enjoy the creative process. If you do too, you should come join us!

These two were from July 4th.

I definitely love these colors but I was a bit lost on the inspiration pic so my quilt has nothing to do with this photo lol I have had a triangle quilt on the brain though as I so want to do another one and I thought that this would make a really pretty one!

This second palette is not something I would normally have gone with but I decided to go for it and just try something out of the box. I mean, isn't that what creativity is all about anyway? I amso glad I did as well as I really love what I ended up with!

I did love the inspiration of the picture here as well! This is totally doable and would be great as improv on muslin for foundation piecing. I am definitely keeping this one in mind!

Ok, that is all for now--but I will be back next week to share some more. I am loving the little boost it is giving me creatively... especially after a summer of not sewing anything!


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