Wednesday, February 25, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Feb 25th

I have had a pretty good week since last week. I had a busy weekend with the husband, a fun day trip with the kids, my eldest finally got a full time job! Whew...sigh of relief is going on over here.

These two Union Jack blocks were paper pieced, they were for this month's Queen Bee, Carla of Granny Maud's Girl.  Next month will be my month and then we will be done with this bee. I am sad. I had trouble keeping up in the middle of it but now that I am back I would love for it to have continued.

 This is my finished paper piece for the Lollypop Stitches Disney Craft Swap on Instagram. I am not sharing the front or fully finished piece until my partner receives it. I am loving how it is going though.

This is the back of a personal swap... I had to share the back as well because I am so in love with this fabric. 

The front of the personal swap piece. It is a tad wonky but made with so much love <3 I used a pattern from Jeli Quilts called the Goose Dash. I LOVE it!

That's it for me. I am working on finishing up that Disney piece today so I can hopefully mail it next week when I have some extra money :) I hope my partner loves it as much as I have loved making it for her.



  1. what a LOT of goodness today, tanyia!!! i'm trying so hard to figure out what that disney piece is but all i can see are two eyes. i think! haha. i love the union jack blocks. i've been meaning to make a whole quilt of those. someday! and your little goose dash is darling. wonderful colors, piecing, and grid quilting. you've sure been budy churning out the good stuff!

  2. When I scrolled down to see your Union Jacks they are so pretty I said "Ooooooh!" out loud and startled my cat. HA! So very very pretty! I need to make some for my Anglophile cousin for an Easter present

  3. My Union Jack blocks must have seemed a paper piecing breeze after that complicated Disney puzzle!
    I can see exactly why you love that mini - front and back.


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