Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Pops

I can not remember where I saw this one ... but I love the idea and had to try them. Oh my goodness they were such a success! They were absolutely delicious and even better the next day when the marshmallows got a little firmer.

All you need is some melting chocolate, some marshmallows, some sticks, and some sprinkles. Actually you do not even have to have sprinkles, but I wanted them for Halloween so we used them. And see the ones with the orange and black bead type sprinkles...those were my favorites as they had such an awesome crunch to them and I love that added texture!
All you do is melt your chocolate. I used the microwave. Then put the marshmallow on the stick and swirl it up against the edge of the bowl evenly coating it. Then sprinkle on your choice of pretties and then stick into a block of styrofoam to dry.

I got one of the cute take out style boxes to hold them in and put a block of styrofoam in the bottom. Once they are fully dried you can put some cute tinsel or something in there and cover the styrofoam. Or if you are giving them as a gift wrap them in cute lolli bags!
They were so yummy that dh now wants me to make some with his work logo to send to work with him ... he rarely asks for me to take something to work with him so I am flattered and off to figure out how to do that for him lol!
Wish me luck! Oh...and have a great day!

edit* I ended up making Halloween ones for dh to take to work instead. He took them yesterday and the loved them, apparantly. Here is a pic...I wrapped them in cute skull treat bags, and tied a ribbon around them. I ended up making 75 of 'em.


  1. Look pretty yummy. I may have to start calling you

  2. oh forgot to tell ya I like your cute new EC widget better than the plain black one you had yesterday.

  3. Stopped by from Ann's blog and so glad I did those marshmallow pops are a great idea and I'm sure the grandkids will love them. I loved the little skull wrappers.

  4. These pops look great. I will save this idea for when my grandkids are here visiting at christmas and use red and green sprinkles. Thanks for sharing

  5. Hi Tanyia! :)

    Came from your sis' blog... she demanded everyone to visit you or else! Nah, just kidding :D

    Those marshmallow pops look yummy! Maybe I'll make some for X'mas... cos we don't celebrate Halloween here.

  6. very unique and easy to make. i'll them for xmas. thanks.

  7. Mmmm . . . there aren't many things in the world better than a chocolate covered marshmallow! I'm going to have to remember this for a Christmas candy treat!

  8. Hi Tanyia...Looks like Ann is sending a few people your way :-)

    I love the chocolate marshmallows...simple but effective...i think I will do this with the kids this weekend whislt carving pumpkins....will be sure to keep checking out your blog!!

  9. Just came from Ann's Blog.She is such a nice person. I love the marshmallow pops.Even Grampy can make them.

  10. Came from Ann's blog! These look Wonderful! You're as talented as your Sister!!
    I wish I could get My Sister to start blogging!! She'd have SO much fun!
    Happy Halloween!hughugs

  11. Those look yummy! Bet they are a hit with the kids!


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