Friday, October 30, 2009

Your Life in Lists?

I just wanted to say thanks Ann, my sister, for blogging about my blog and my new admittance to Entre Card. I am doing a little bit of dropping right now but I am mainly in it for the exposure to new blogs I plan on following and actually reading and commenting on. I enjoy the personal aspect of it and making some bloggy friends, so ty so much for not only stopping by but actually commenting and making me feel welcome! :) Thank you, Sis! And if you have not checked out my sister's blog, the link has been in my links foreva! Go see her here and please leave her some luv!

I was perusing the book store two weeks ago and among the 2010 journals I saw a different kind of journal where there are prompts and basically it is a list style journal. Your fav blah blah, the last blah blah etc. That totally made sense, right?

So here is a list I recently came across! And it is not exactly easy...but I am GONNA do it! lol

List 50 things you like and 50 things you do not like. That's right...ONE HUNDRED things! I got this!

Things I like:

1. music
2. the internet
3. reading
4. driving with the music loud
5. road trips
6. silly people
7. chair dancing
8. blue ink pens
9. lilies
10. my kids
11. my husband
12. my blog! hehe
13. digiscrapping
14. digi designing
15. Earl Grey tea
16. venti iced black tea with no sugar from Starbucks!
17. scones
18. cheesecake
19. pizza
20. caesar salad
21. Coldplay
22. my green eyes
23. Yahoo! messenger's radio for free!
24. where I am my own dj!
25. World of Warcraft (when I am in the mood)
26. spaghetti
27. mushrooms
28. the dark red color like brick red
29. black t-shirts
30. pants with elastic waist! hehe
31. memories
32. ... ok pausing here, this is kinda hard lol .... smilies on forums! hehe
33. using the term "lol"
34. Christmas cards
35. Christmas songs
36. Christmas traditions
37. Christmas! hehe
38. live music performances
39. poetry
40. classic literature
41. flip flops
42. jeans
43. baggy shirts
44. eggs with ketchup
45. diet coke
46. my girls' laughter
47. watching "toonies" with Beck
48. cuddling
49. sex ... what?! it's not naughty, just true!
50. pumpkin bread (why is follows sex and why sex is 49 is beyond me lol)

Things I don't like:

1. whining
2. racism
3. to see people needy (like homeless) so sad
4. people that drive with their turn signals on!
5. typos
6. bad grammar! UGH!
7. snobs
8. skinny people talk about how fat they are
9. red pens!
10. gel pens
11. overly strong coffee
12. undercooked eggs....ewww
13. dog vomit
14. mosquitoes
15. my weight
16. my tatoo
17. mean people
18. bitchy people
19. my mom...most of the time
20. my father...all of the time
21. carpet lines after I can not spell vacumm,vaccumm or however you spell it lol
22. people that insist their way is the only way
23. people that interrupt when you are talking
24. twitter
25. twitter commercials lol
25. my dog when he pees on my shoe!
26. uneven eyebrows
27. espresso
28. tapioca (is that spelled right? lol)
29. the smell of sick people
30. nursing homes
31. hospitals
32. dentists!
33. super moms ( I am totally jealous! lol)
34. bad attitudes
35. complainers
36. .... hmmm...stuck .... cold sheets
37. too hot days
38. sleeping w/o a fan
39. perfume that doesn't stay on long
40. gum that runs out of taste in 5 min
41. kids that ask the same thing over and over and over and over
42. is highly over rated
43. people that make me accountable (Imma brat!)
44. having to budget
45. wal-mart
46. shopping at store that looks dirty or old
47. slow internet connections
48. carpal tunnel after playing Farm Town lol
49. not selling any of the kits I make even though everyone insists they are "So cute!"
50. dependence on others

WOW! That was harder than I thought! NOW... it's your turn. So not forget to link back to me so I can read up on your likes and dislikes as well!


  1. You are most welcome. I will have to send you my list of personal favorites. Ann's guide to the friendliest

    As for your lists. Mom huh? ROFL and the spelling thing? UH that's what spell check is for

  2. Tanyia, you are hilarious, and a good blogger! How do you do it all???
    I saw this site and thought of you- have you heard of it?

  3. oh, DUHHHHHHHH. I just scrolled up and saw your blog list- Bakerella is on it!!! Well, at least I thought of you!!

  4. I love your top 50 list, but as I am ADHD I only really read the first 10 and skimmed the rest. lol I might do a couple of lists of my own, BUT I could never think of 50! I'll give it a shot. Friday nights are not my best thinking nights. Your blog is great and I read every entry.

  5. lol Ann

    Amanda, thanks for thinking of me! I love Bakerella, she is slippin disgustingly amazing lol

    Michelle just cut your lists down to ten! :) Thanks for reading by the way!

  6. You are so great. I love your blog post... I'd liked to address a couple of items

    On your hate list....

    #49 - You are a GREAT designer. I love your kits. Just don't give up the only difference between a loser and a winner is the winner just got up one more time! Remember that!

    #38 - Same here

    #25 - I almost fell out of my chair... so funny

    #1 - Whinner OH yeah - arn't they the worst.

    Sooooo just as soon as I get a few things cleared off my plate today. I'm going to blog my list... Thanks for the great idea and love reading your post.


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