Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A little bit of tagging never hurt anyone!

Yup...that's right, a little bit of tagging never hurt anyone! hehe.

There is a blog that I follow called Fashion Titbits. I love all the photography on her blog and her great sense of fashion. I love reading it as much as I do perusing the pictures. I am really such a visual person so I enjoy the photos of Paris or the amazing clothing shots (not that I could ever wear them but I still have an aesthetic for them all the same).

I decided to play along in one of her most recent tagging posts because it is about music and I truly can not describe what music does for my soul. It is just amazing how everything in the world can fall away when the right song comes on. Sometimes it is not even the song its the beat, or sometimes its not the beat it is the voice...oh *shiver* how I love a deep gravelly male voice. mmm!

And bless my dh's heart he can not understand how a terribly slow sad song with depressing lyrics can make me happy. But the voice... it is just so soulfull and soothing! Anyway here goes.

So...consider yourself tagged....just answer the questions on a blog post as well and come back and link me up, I would love to read your thoughts as well!

Top 40s at the moment:
(I am so glad to NOT hear your fav...cause I could never have ONE or two faves) Right now I am replaying Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon...I love the music in this one and the sound of his voice is amazing! Funhouse by Pink ... she just has the best kick butt attitude and her music is always fun!

3 songs that represent your feelings at the moment:
Lucky by Jason Mraz amazing voices and such a cute catchy tune, Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol ...just wish dh and I had the time to just "just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world"and hmmmm.... Let's Just Fall in Love Again by Jason Castro (hello he is a lil hottie) more wishing to spend more time alone with dh lol

Songs that give you spirit when you are down:
Everybody Needs Somebody Sometime by Jewel ....great beat, makes me smile and chair dance! Hope by Shaggy
Green Eyes by Coldplay

I can't help falling in love by Elvis or maybe Unforgettable by Frank Sinatra

closer by NIN
fever by Peggy Lee or Madonna's version
bilingual (NAUGHTY) by Jose Nunez

I hate my ex songs lol:
You oughta know by Alanis Morisette hehe
Never Again by Kelly Clarkson
I'll think of a reason later by LeeAnn Womack lol

R&B night.... got me on that one

Diamond ... not sure what that's about?

Eccentric: D*ckhead by Kate Nash lol love it!

Brittish: Anything from ColdPlay or James Blunt

Adorable : Lovebug by the Jonas Brothers lol I know I know...but just that one song I swear!

So yup...there is a little of the music I like. I have a huge stockpile of music. Loads of fast, hard, angry music, a bunch of soft stuff like Jewel, ColdPlay, james blunt etc. But I also love opera, country, some rap, metal it's all good baby!

Tata for now...hook me up to your lists!


  1. love the songs you chose... no way I could do that because I can never think of names of songs when I need them

  2. lol ... I never said Google was not involved :P

  3. Oh hell I can never remember song titles let alone who sings them. But cool hearing your list.

    And I have to say WOOOOHOOOOOOOO you listened to Thanks for the drop sis.

  4. NOT say I "listened" I have a reputation to uphold lmao!

  5. hi,,,,thanks a lot for the interesting link!
    Very inspiring blog!

    And what about songs and music....after long day with two loudly kids in the evenigns I don't listen to any songs....I need to stay in deep silence :D



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