Friday, July 26, 2013

July Cara Box Reveal

Well, I was so excited for a Nautical theme! I love it! I had visions of deep blue, anchors, waves, piers, seagulls.... ahhh, the salt life is definitely for me!

I had the most fun shopping for my sweet partner, Shane of Whispering Sweet Nothings. We talked five or six times in the beginning of the month, but she got busy and sick, poor kiddo and we did not get to talk much after that, unfortunately. I did feel a connection with her though, as she reminds me of my oldest daghter. They are about the same age. I do hope she loves what I sent her and I would link you up, but she has not posted as of yet.

I received a package from Andrea, (Andi) from A Look at Life From a Different Angle. She seems funny and sarcastic lol like myself. She has an adorable new puppy...seriously, adorable! She is super busy training for a marathon and participating in a summer challenge of sorts for health and fitness. So we do not relate there lol. We did talk a couple of times...but again, she was also too busy so I do not feel like I really got to know her much, unfortunately. She sent me a cute box, my girls and my animals loved it lol.

Here are the pics.

She sent me some goldfish, a pair of foldable sunglasses (I didn't know they could fold! lol), a neon green stuffie lol, a drink cup with a swirly straw, a puzzle, a towel, a candle, some earl grey tea (both of our favorites) and a fishing game lol.

I do love me some goldfish, though so does my 12 year old so I had to share darnnit lol. My doggie is cuddling with the stuffie, my kids left me with a towel and some tea. :) At least I will be warm while I drink it lol!

It was a cute box, thank you Andi.

I am not sure whether I will be particiapting next month... if it is a theme I can not resist I will be, as I have so much fun shopping for theme and sending things to someone I think they will love, but at the same time the main reason I love the Cara Box idea is that it is supposed to spark friendships in people and help you get to know more bloggy friends and I just do not feel like it has done that in the two months I played along. Most people are just too busy to put the effort in to it ... so my question is, why do it then?

I might try again, I have trouble giving up hope. It is such a great concept, so we shall see.



  1. I was paired up with Andi too! Waiting to see if she liked everything :D

  2. Hey Tanyia, I know what you mean, it really is kind of a miss and hit thing. I loved meeting Cornelia and Ellyn this month, but have been in previous swaps, that just gave you a blah feeling at the end. SO I will continue to do swaps and figure a 50/50 number in, this month was just awesome.

  3. The box you sent me was AMAZING! I'm so so sorry I got busy near the end but I hope to maintain our bloggy friendship :) Don't give up hope!

    xo Shane


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