Friday, August 9, 2013

Paper Piecing Party - August 9th Edition

Did you know there was a Paper Piecing Party linky party on Fridays at Quiet Play? Well, neither did I til I came across it this week, and since I happened to give paper piecing a go this week, I am going to play along!

 This week I decided I would delve a little further into Paper Piecing and really try to do something a little more involved. I have to say ... I made a zillion and one mistakes and had to redo a whole bunch of stuff ... and in the end the finished product here is NOT how it should be but I am pretty damn proud of this first attempt.

The handle of the teapot does not match up at all lol, but I am thinking it will be fine, this is also for my mom, I thought I would make her a few mug rugs for Christmas... also something I have never made before. My poor mom is getting all my screwed up rejects lol. I might as well spray paint some damn macaroni and send it to her while I am at it lol. I think she actually still has a macaroni art project from when I was in Elementary school lol.

Now I just need to baste, quilt and bind it.

I did a second one as well, this one went smoother as it was an easier design, and I love it, its so cute!

Both patterns were free, I think I got the Hi speech bubble from Etsy but the teapot I am not sure about. If they are free I grab em while I can. I figure until I learn what I am doing I am not ready to pay for patterns!

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday! I can not wait til Monday, as Monday is back to school here and I am so ready for some quiet sewing time, woohoo! What are you up to today?

- Tanyia


  1. Congratulations on your first PP projects! I am amazed how good they are! Well done!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com
    Ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  2. Nice! The Hi block is SUPER cute. I like it lots. You picked great colors for it. I bet it would be fun in B&W with a pop color too. :)

    ~Susan @

  3. I am laughing so hard at the spray painted macaroni! I love the Hi Block. You did good!

  4. Well done on tackling paper piecing! It definitely takes a bit of practice but stick with it! Love your Hi block - really sweet!

  5. Hi Tanyia, pp wrecked my head and I'm now starting to feel a lot more comfy with it - cut bigger than you think you'll need! I love your teapot. It would make a wicked tea cosy!

  6. Love your blocks and the HI one caught my eye.Have a fun weekend!

  7. I really like your Hi block! And the teapot is very nice too... I didn't even noticed that the handle does not match :) you could have said that it is a teapot with a modern design and that the handle shape is your own artistic twist ;)


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