Wednesday, February 11, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Feb 11th

Happy Wednesday :) I am so so happy... I would be doing a happy dance if I wasn't stuck in a recliner with a heating pad for hurting my back! lol I finished my Feathers quilt for my youngest daughter. She is so thrilled with it and it makes me such a proud mama to see her so happy with something that I put so much effort and time into for her. I love paper piecing as well so doing a whole quilt that way was awesome! Such accuracy, much wow!

She picked the fabric line Rock n Romance for it and I suggested this Alison Glass "Feathers" pattern which she loved. I had the top done some time last year and of course it was a UFO for awhile. Whew, I currently have no more tops waiting now for quilting. I also did a scrappy binding on this one which was the first time I did that and I LOVE it! <3

I also completed a mug rug for my partner in the Fort Worth Fabric Spring Mug Rug Swap. This was the first mug rug I have done. ... also the first applique ... also the first embroidery... and I think it shows a but. Its a bit wonky and the top is not completely flat (obviously lol) but you know what I am still proud of it! It was a cute pattern I got at Craftsy. I think I will enjoy learning more about embroidery. Hopefully my partner won't hate it lol.

Lastly, I started a new cross stitch, since my back is hurting and I am sitting... I can not stand not doing something! So I am working on an American Horror Story cross stitch for my middle child. The pattern is from Clouds Factory.

And that has been my week! I plan on starting a Disney mini for the Lollypop Stitches Disney Craft swap I am doing on IG. I am also researching ideas for the Cotton  and Steel Mini Swap which I will start after the Disney one. I am going in order of when they are due to be shipped. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone else has been up to :)


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  1. That feather quilt is really great - love the colors!

  2. This pattern is very cool and I love the colors you have used! So beautiful!

  3. oh, I've been drooling over the feathers quilt, but I have to wait since I have a few other projects in the works... yours turned out really nice. I'm sure your daughter loves it.

  4. That quilt is awesome - I'll do a happy dance for you! I always turn to my cross stitch when I'm not well too :) Rest up and I hope your back is nice to you again soon!

  5. All of your projects are loveley!
    The feather quilt is awesome!

    Ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com

  6. Your feather quilt is really pretty. And I have to say that I love the mug rug you made! I'm sure your swap partner will too.

  7. Your feather quilt is beautiful! I love your fabric choices and scrappy binding.

  8. First applique and first embroidery? Yikes! Having done cross-stitch, you would be a wiz at embroidery, I am sure.
    I hope your back is better soon. Bad backs are nothing to laugh about.

  9. Hi Tanyia
    Thanks for linking up at Quilt Art Designs
    Your quilt is fabulous!! Love it!
    As for that back - I completely understand. Mine same way!
    You need to look up "Quadratus Lumborum" muscles.
    Since I started to stretch, it really eases the pain.


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