Saturday, November 23, 2013

Finding Inspiration: Tile part 1

Sew... since I feel like I am finally really starting to come in to my own as a quilter I am beginning to look at quilting in a new way. I am moving from doing tutorials and patterns that others have made and looking at finding my own inspiration and stepping out and making my own quilt design.

I have not made anything yet, but who better to talk about the creative process with than quilty friends! I mean, seriously...who else would truly understand anyway! lol

So I thought for this first Finding Inspiration post I would look at tile. Tile and their patterns and the patterns the tiles are in have long been a source of inspiration for all kinds of designers, quilters included!

Here are some tiles I came across that I think would be just amazing for quilty inspiration! All images linked to where I found them for credit.

This one was posted as an elongated hexagon....what a cool design!

I am definitely not ready for curves but this is super soft and lovely!

Now here is a design I know I could manage! I love the bold look of contrasting solids here!

I am pretty sure I could figure this one out as well and I really love not only the look...but the potential of the tone on tone of this really appeals to me!

Now, I know that there are other tiles out there that are far more detailed and intricate, but I feel like this is a good place to start! And I really feel like that last one is totally calling my name! I think next I will look at color inspiration for it!

Have you designed your own quilt? Where do you find inspiration? Have color suggestions? I think I will peruse some colors palettes and come back and share tomorrow, come back and give me your opinion!



  1. I had to smile when I saw your title. I often find myself looking at tiles and wondering how I could make quilt blocks using those designs. :-). I wondered if I was the only person on Earth doing that. I guess not.

  2. That soft curvy one would make a nice free motion quilting pattern!

  3. Looking at tiles for inspiration is such a fantastic idea!

  4. I am totally in love with that first pic of the elongated hexies. That would make such an amazing quilt.

  5. How cool! I like the elongated hexies best but I have no idea how you piece them! When I get in a creative mood I see quilts everywhere. After a while I shut it out and try to focus on my current projects instead of constantly dreaming up new ones! I'm excited to see where you take these ideas.


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