Sunday, November 24, 2013

Finding Inspiration: Tile part 2

Ok, so I got rid of one of the tile ideas from yesterday's post. Now I am looking at some color palettes. I was drawn to gray and using it in wintery sort of palettes. So, here are some I narrowed it down to.

Any thoughts?

I think I will play with the colors in the design and see how they look and go from there. Maybe it will also help me narrow down the pattern to one instead of three! lol

I am not going to worry about fabrics or patterns and solids right now... just see how the colors look in those patterns. It is so funny because the exact colors in the exact pattern can look so very different depending on just where you use and place them. Maybe I will go with colors and one pattern at a time! That might be a little less overwhelming lol.

Then I can narrow it down to one color per pattern and pick a favorite from there!

When you are making a quilt, whether it is your own pattern or not do you look for color inspiration or a color story, or do you start with fabrics and go make them work in a pattern?

What do you think of these colors, do you have a favorite...any votes?


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  1. I love the last palette! I haven't been very adventurous with my colour palettes so far. I tend to use entire collections together. But I am trying to become more creative with my quilting so will be following this series of posts closely. :-)

  2. Ok, I think I like the ice cream and the iceberg best, when thinking about actually using them in a quilt and not just how cool the pictures are! The garlic is nice too.

    I don't ever do a color story necessarily, although I think it's fun when ppl do. I think lately I just use whatever fabric is exciting to me at the moment!


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