Monday, November 25, 2013

Finding Inspiration: Tile part 3

Here is tile number 1 of 3.

I used Photoshop to create the shape and then used my color palettes from yesterday to see what the colors would look like. I did not arrange any patterns ...just threw the colors in there to get a general feel for them. Here is what I have:

 This is one of my favorites! I love the greens in here with the gray and almost black!

Also, this one I love. It is very similar to the first one but it also has an almost aqua in it for a little bit of brightness which I think is fun!

This one certainly looks wintery to me...maybe a little too wintery? It is kind of bleak looking in my opinion. 

Now this does have some fun brightness to it...but perhaps a little too bright? I do not know, it is just not sitting with me as well as the first two! I think I am digging the greens more. 

 This, its ok, but again I think the greens have me! 

What do you think? Wanna vote and give me your opinion, I would love to hear it. Right now I am leaning towards number 1 or 2. Tomorrow I will show you the second pattern in these same colors... who knows maybe one of the other palettes will work with a different pattern better.


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  1. I like the first one. But the second one is good too. And I totally agree with your "" on the last one. 8-)

  2. Hi Tanyia! Sorry its been so long since I dropped by. I love this project! I would pick 1. It strikes me first, but both are cool. So cool how you came up with the pattern.

  3. Number 1 is fabulous, but I really like number 2 as well.


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