Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Finding Inspiration: Tile part 4

Ok, today I have the second tile pattern to share with the same color palettes shown yesterday in tile number 1. I have to say, this is a prime example of how the same exact color can look so very very different just by using a different pattern.

Here is the second tile pattern, again:

Again the colors are not beautifully arranged just... thrown in there to see how they work in that pattern before figuring out how they should specifically be arranged. So, here they are, all 6:

Yep, again I am liking the green here.

 But again...this one is standing out a little more than the first. That extra little pop of brightness really does something here.

 I am liking the way the blue and gray are mixing in this pattern, better than these colors in the first tile pattern, they just didn't work there.

 I do think that the pop of navy in here is looking pretty cool as well.

 Again... this one is just meh. I really loved the colors on the design seeds pallet... but put in to play I do not actually like them yet.

 This one is just ok for me. Not a big fan. 

What do you think? I think I may be liking pattern number so far a bit better compared to this one...but I will reserve judgement and just try to just narrow this down to a color palette! lol 

I will be back and continuing this series of posts Saturday after Thanksgiving.


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